Quizzes are the means to assess oneself and assess oneself as where they stand and how much effort do they need to put in to get better. Every industry has some kind of quiz events related to their domain, but in India, when it comes to staffing and recruitment Industry, there is no such means or platform where staffing and recruitment professionals come and can asses themselves.


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To bridge this chasm, Zyoin has taken–up the onus to provide staffing and recruitment professionals such platform and came-up with the idea of India’s first ever quiz for recruiter. The event has been names as “zQuizit- The recruiters Quiz”.
The 1st ever edition of “zQuizit” was held on July 13, 2014 at Zyoin’s office in Bangalore, India.

The kind of response and appreciation we got for organizing this quiz event is really encouraging. Zyoin Management and Team zQuizit in consent have decided and are proud to announce that “zQuizit” would be a Quarterly affair.

2nd Edition of “zQuizit” will take place on 15th November, 2014. For schedules and other updates related to zQuizit, connect with us:

  1. zQuizit- official Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/zQuizit
  2. zQuizit-  Dedicated Webpage: http://www.zyoin.com/zquizit

Happy Quizzing ☺