Why Startups Really Start in Bangalore



In the late 2000’s, turning down a salaried job for a startup was considered career suicide. But a lot has changed since then. Bangalore was known to be a laid back town, the pensioners’ paradise. And now? It’s considered the entrepreneurial hub of the country, with more than 1700 startups to its name!

So what is it about the city that nurtures startups and drives a thriving ecosystem? We’ve now cracked the puzzle.

Welcome one, welcome all! :

1-1-1Bangalore welcomes everybody and everything with open arms – whether people, ideas, or industries. It did the same with Information Technology, making it the Silicon Valley of India. It behaves no differently with startups. You can’t miss the bustling ecosystem of talent, mentors, accelerators, and incubators that the city has; a momentum quite unmatched.

Angels and Demons :

2-2-2For any startup to set up and scale, funding is critical. Bangalore plays host to plenty of angel investors and venture capitalists all on the lookout for promising ideas.They aren’t picky either – from gadgets to tea-boxes, they’re in on them all! If you’ve got the drive and motivation (and a great idea of course), it won’t take you long to find your guardian angel here.


Technocratic power:

3-3-3Engineers, financiers, philosophize, artists – you will find the best of the lot here. There is a host of ready, hardworking talent available, irrespective of the vertical you choose to establish yourself in. The only problem you will probably have is picking the best of the lot!


X-a-thon :

4-4-4-4Bangalore is the first venue that comes to mind when a tech-fair or a comic-con needs to be held. It’s also one of the biggest reasons why the city is a haven for startups. These eventsenable budding entrepreneurs to mingle with the community and showcase their ideas, products, and potential.


4-4-4-4-4Media platforms like ET Tech, Yourstory, NextBigWhat, and Medianama throng the city, focusing on entrepreneurs and startups. If you’ve got something promising to offer, then be sure that exposure, coverage, and networking are all yours for the taking!


Always more room :

6-6Capital in Bangalore is in limited supply as when compared to the original hub of startups – the Silicon Valley. Most startups here only find investors once they’ve already set themselves up. Investors are now realizing that raising money (successfully) head on allows startups to scale up rapidly and outrun their competitors.

The city is thriving with heads pondering, brainstorming, arguing – all over what could perhaps be the next big thing. Where are you? Bangalore beckons.

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