What startups need to look for when they’re hiring

What startups need to look for when they’re hiringWhen you’re a startup, every decision suddenly gains more importance and you just can’t go wrong. This is especially tricky during hiring, when you’re looking for the right person with the right skills to fill in key positions of your startup. Fret not, we’ve got the perfect guide to help you throughout your employee hunt.

Remember, it’s not always the resume that defines who can fit the bill. Indeed, the right attitude is important but so are other numerous factors. Go beyond what’s on paper and find someone who is:

A driven worker

A driven workerAs a startup with limited funds and teams, you need someone with the passion to jump in whenever needed. If your employee is looking for the typical 9 to 5 job, you can safely scratch them off the list. Chances are that they are looking for comfort and will jump ship when these ‘comfort’ factors aren’t met.

A humble team player

A humble team playerMany startups hardly have a rigid office hierarchy. Every employee is equally the reason behind the highs and lows. Having said that, your employee needs to radiate a sense of humility and work in tandem with the entire team. Anyone attached to titles and privilege isn’t your startup employee.

An avid explorer

An avid explorerThere’s no specific job title for employees when in a startup.  Seek out someone who’s not afraid to try out multiple roles as and when the need arises. Ask their opinions on learning, new mindsets, and failure. After all, in a startup environment, the learning never ends!

A quick firefighter

A spark ignitorTreading new grounds means facing new challenges. Rather than judging them on challenges they’ve overcome, put your potential employee to the test with a mock crisis.  If they come up with a solution to a problem they’ve never been exposed to, you can rest assured that they’ll extinguish fires and keep it all under control.

A social butterfly

A social butterflyEvaluate your potential employees on their interaction levels and social circles.  As a startup, you need your employees to get the word around about the new business in town.  Check up your employees on social media channels to understand how far they can take your business outside of work.

A responsible achiever 

A responsible achieverEmployees that imbibe the culture of your startup are a must. Identify someone who has interest in what your company does and who can align their goals with the growth of your company. These are the individuals who will responsibly work towards the desired results.

A spark ignitor

A quick firefighterThe best part of a startup is that there are no limits. The company is constantly evolving and any idea is a good idea. Find yourself an employee who isn’t scared to turn thoughts into action. This go-getter will not only motivate others but will also spark the right change from within your startup.

But this does not mean you keep only the above pointers on the checklist for the perfect employee! Consider their educational background, ideas, computer skills, and talents. If you find yourself facing one who fills in all these requirements, then you’ve got yourself a real keeper for the long haul.

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