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In today’s work scenario, landing a job offer isn’t as much of an uphill task as choosing to accept or reject it. What’s more, the startup culture has redefined the factors you should weigh in on while making this decision. Here’s some of the questions you should be asking yourself before taking that career plunge.

Are startups for you?


Startups are the place to be if you’re looking to gather experience right from the ground up. Your passion and drive have ample room to flourish in such a setup. But you should take a step back to evaluate whether these adrenaline-pumping institutions are really for you. Some others thrive in what is primarily a corporate environment – there’s nothing wrong with that either.

Are they who you want to be with?


Not a lot of people realize what they are getting into. The first step to changing this is by researching the organization – the background of the founders, the ideals that the firm stands by, the ideas that they are open to, their funding opportunities, for starters. Your boss and the team that you could be working with are other factors you should take into consideration. Your work environment will contribute more towards your job satisfaction in the long run than your paycheck will.

Are you getting enough out of it? 


Yes, the pay package is important but most startups don’t have the typical 9 to 5 workday. This means that you need to consider other factors like flexible work hours, incentives, the scope for networking, employee morale, and rewards with recognition. Look at the potential of the package as a whole and you will be able to compare it better with the other offers.

Will opportunity come knocking?


An opportunity for growth is definitely something you should take into consideration. Look for avenues that fuel new skills, fetch higher ranks, and bring on holistic personality development. An organization that keeps its employees at its core will definitely do wonders for your individual growth.

What does your gut tell you?


All things considered, the final call has to be based on what you feel is right. Take a moment to look at the bigger picture and weigh the pros and cons with someone who’s your sounding board. Go with your instincts and you’ll never go wrong!


Also make sure you’ve got the basics covered – whether it’s the convenience of commuting to work or grabbing a quick bite during those tight lunch breaks.If you’ve answered positively to these questions, then that job offer is definitely worth it. Get in touch with your employer right away and kick start your new journey.

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