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Permanent Staffing in India: what is the road ahead?

Permanent staffing in India

Recruiters in India are experiencing a very unique paradox- Plenty of talent to choose from but very few that qualifies for short-listing. To attract clients to generate business and to stand-out from the competition, this has spurred the development of

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): The youngest one in outsourcing Business arena

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Ask two human resources managers what recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) means, and chances are you might get two different answers. The term RPO has different meaning and definition in different parts of globe. In Europe an HR practitioner would point

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Changing landscape in Indian IT staffing: A sneak-peek on labyrinth of Jargons

Changing landscapes in Indian IT staffing

In a time when demand for quality talent pool in Indian IT industry is gaining momentum as companies seek specific staffing arrangements for specific projects need, Staffing Firms have become a popular resource of IT Professionals Looking for new opportunities

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