Candidates FAQs

1. What kinds of jobs do you offer? Zyoin specializes in all types of IT Jobs and works with a wide variety of clients such as Product based IT companies, Service based IT Companies and Emerging IT Start-ups.
The depth and diversity of our clients allows Zyoin to be your one-stop destination whether you’re seeking an entry level IT job or a skilled IT position.
2. What are your requirements for applicants? Zyoin is an Equal Opportunity Employer and does not discriminate on the basis of religion, color, creed, national origin or any other protected class. Anyone is welcome to apply with Zyoin.
Zyoin’s one basic requirement is that all applicants must be able to provide documentation establishing the individual’s right to work with IT companies.Many of our clients has other requirements in order to be considered for that particular job. This can include things such as relevant experience, a technical degree, or the ability to pass a pre-employment screening.
3. How do I apply for your open positions? If you’d like to be considered for employment, but do not see a current job posting that matches your skills and experiences, you may submit your resume directly to jobs@zyoin.com.
4. What is the cost of Zyoin’s services to job seekers? There is no cost to job seekers. We are paid by the companies where our employees are placed.
5. What type of benefits do you offer? Benefit packages vary based on position, location, duration and other factors. Medical, dental, vision, life insurance and paid holidays / vacation days may be available. Specifics of benefits package are based on the assignment and hours worked.
6. How and when am I paid? Contract employees are paid weekly by Zyoin. Typically contract employees are based on the position’s pay rate; in some cases contract employees are paid a salary. Direct placement employees are paid in accordance with our customer’s payroll policies.
7. I am relocating soon. Can I apply for a job in my new location? Job applications require a valid, current address. You can indicate your geographic preferences for work on your application. To indicate your geographic preferences choose one or more cities in the eligibility section of your job application.
8. Can I call someone to direct me to the Zyoin office location? Yes. Dial 080-66440600 to get in contact with a recruiter.

Employers FAQs

1. Why should employers use a staffing company? Many business leaders find the employee search and placement process to be time-intensive and challenging. Employers also experience disappointment when they’ve hired an employee that just doesn’t end up working out. The primary benefit of using staffing services is that professional employment agencies manage the entire employee search, screening and placement process so employers can get back their business.

Zyoin’s strategic candidate placement process ensures that we find skilled talent with the right qualifications whose professional objectives align with a client company’s goals. With the help of a staffing company like Zyoin, employers can save time and money and eliminate the guesswork in finding the best candidate for the job. And, if a candidate is not the right fit, your recruiter at Zyoin will resolve the problem by finding the right match.

2. Why do companies contract specialized staff? Companies of all sizes in private sector need services and resources that fall outside of their team’s expertise. In addition, a contract employee can assist with a comprehensive project for a specified amount of time. Consultative staffing firms have the tools necessary to help businesses discover the talent they need in order to supplement a company’s regular workforce.
3. What does Zyoin do? Zyoin is a professional technical staffing agency offering employment solutions to companies all across country. Zyoin specializes in recruiting IT professionals who cover a wide range of skills in management, development, infrastructure and support. Clients of Zyoin experience a full-service partner with a flexible business model.

Zyoin is able to customize solutions to meet varied requirements. Services include employee search and placement, technical assessment, contract-to-hire, volume placement, retained search and recruitment process outsourcing.

4. What are the advantages of working with Zyoin over other staffing companies? Zyoin offers valuable market insight, top talent, exclusive job openings and a wealth of resources during the employee search and placement process. Our unique approach focuses on overall client-candidate fit to ensure we pair high-quality candidates with client companies that are aligned with their professional goals and preferences.

We serve as true consultants/partners for client companies and keep our promises. We deliver the best talent through highly knowledgeable, tenured teams in the markets we serve. Our references and testimonials speak to the value we have brought to the lives of our candidates and the difference we’ve made for our clients. We are among industry leaders in Social media Recruitment Technique.

Our unique services set us apart from other staffing agencies. To learn more about our candidate and client services, please contact Zyoin today.

5. How does Zyoin save clients valuable resources? Zyoin saves client companies time by consistently producing the best and brightest candidates for a job opening. We strive to present the top five applicants per position, saving you time and ensuring the best results possible. Our effective “inner view” process ensures that you’re satisfied with the candidate you’ve selected. When you utilize us to concentrate on employee search, you can stay focused on your business.
6. How long has Zyoin been in business? Zyoin has been connecting talented IT professionals with growing technology companies since 2005. Originally launched in the Bangalore, Karnataka, India, Zyoin is planning to expand its reach in other metro cities too.
7. What kinds of staffing services does Zyoin offer client companies? We offer a number of staffing services tailored to the unique needs of your business, including:

  1. Permanent Hires (Full Time)
  2. Contract-to-hire staffing services (Temporary Hires)
  3. Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
  4. Executive Search
  5. Assess+ Recruit
  6. Hire, Train, Assess & Deploy (HTAD)
8. What is Zyoin’s recruiting process? Zyoin’s employee search and placement process includes a variety of steps that ensure we identify candidates that are well suited for the job. We aim to get a deep understanding of our client companies, so our first step is to meet in person. The next step is to create a winning job description that serves as a road map. Then, we develop a recruiting plan of action.

We uncover top talent for the open position through traditional and nontraditional sources. At Zyoin, our employee search and placement approach reveals all possible candidates for the job. We thoroughly screen to identify the top three candidates based on technical and cultural fit. We then present their profiles and resumes for your review and selection.

Zyoin’s IT staffing professionals perform additional services during the employee search and placement process, including education verification, background checks, employment verification and reference checks. Count on us to manage and simplify the process.

9. How does Zyoin screen candidates before they are placed? The recruiters at Zyoin are committed to acting in the best interest of our client companies and candidates. We want to make sure the IT professionals we place meet or exceed the requirements for the job position. Our candidate screening process includes an application for employment, phone interview, online technical assessment and in-person meeting with all local candidates.

We also conduct thorough investigation of candidates, including employment and education verification, and reference and background checks.

10. How quickly does Zyoin work to fill client company requests for an assignment? Immediately. We pride ourselves in our sophisticated employee search and placement techniques that help us quickly pinpoint candidates with the skills needed to make an immediate contribution to your business. When client companies have a need for skilled IT professionals, our process helps them save time and money by focusing on finding the best talent for the job.

To learn more about how Zyoin can quickly fulfill your IT staffing needs, please fill out a request for information.

11. Does Zyoin offer a job placement guarantee? Our unique employee search and placement approach has delivered consistent and proven results. Many clients have chosen to work exclusively with Zyoin for all of their IT staffing needs. We are so confident in our staffing approach that we offer one of the most competitive job placement guarantees in the industry. Our goal is to make sure clients are completely satisfied with the unique technical staffing solutions we offer.
12. What if a client company decides to hire an IT contractor full-time? We understand how hard it is to find qualified, skilled talent to contribute to your organization. That’s why Zyoin offers a variety of unique technical staffing solutions to meet the demands of your business, including contract-to-hire employee search and placement.

Our contract-to-hire service allows clients to hire IT professionals on a try-before-you-buy basis. With this option, candidates work for a specified period of time on our payroll, allowing clients to directly assess their work performance prior to hire. This service allows the placement fee to be amortized over a three- or six-month period, with no additional conversion charge.

13. Besides recruiting, what other services does Zyoin offer client companies? Besides employee search and placement services, Zyoin offers other value-add offerings such as online Candidate assessment test wherein we provide detailed report formatted assessment of candidates. We also help clients define vital job descriptions for identifying top talent.