Executive search trends that are taking the recruitment industry by Storm

The focus on executive search trends has increased multi-fold in the recent past. That’s no surprise given how intense competition within and across sectors has become. It’s only obvious then that a firm would need an individual with the charisma and guile to take the organization to the next level. We’ve got a slightly different take on the trends that the market’s currently seeing.



Going all in:
1The recent trend of ‘acquiring’ is all about acquiring a company for its leading-edge technology and hiring its employees for their expertise and skills. Fast gathering steam, especially in the e-commerce circuit, this hypothesis hopes to have the acquires contribute to the growth and development of the parent company.

A lot of the big players in the e-tail sector are now looking at acquiring. Snapdeal, for instance, recently acquired Letsgomo, a mobility solutions firm, and Grabbon, the first to introduce the concept of group discount in India.

On the inside, looking out :

114138Qx6qEE6eIt was fairly common to have a supremely talented employee of the firm step up to take on a role in the much-coveted executive offices. How much that has changed! Most firms are now on the lookout for someone they can draw in. External hires may also be more like to steer a course of change as they’re unfamiliar with the firm’s existing culture and strategy.

Take Vishal Sikka for instance, the first non-founder CEO of Infosys Ltd. The firm had turned to this executive board member of Germany’s SAP AG in its moment of crisis.The biggest downside to this is the negativity that fosters within the organization itself and amongst the candidates that were in the running.

Seeking expert advice :

3Executive search firms and headhunters are the easy answer when it comes to looking for someone to fill the big shoes. They keep pace with the latest changes, generate a pool of qualified candidates, and vet references. With the growth of small and medium enterprises and entry of foreign corporates, this trend is taking to the big guns in the Indian market.

Zyoin has been continuously involved in helping many customer fill senior mandates, last year we closed more than 70 executive level positions.

Hailing the women :
4-1In complete contrast to the glass ceiling, a lot of small and big firms are now looking for their leaders in women. This is largely due to the atypical train of thinking and intuition they foster and their ability to bring a fresh perspective to the table.

Suzy Monford, the newly appointed CEO of Andronico’s Community Markets is one such woman. Her vast experience across various sectors, her stints as CEO and board member for a number of firms, and her active contribution to the community all weighed in quite heavily on this decision.

Bringing all guns in :
5Something that a few firms, mostly startups are now doing is looking for someone who would fit any bill – literally a jack of all trades. The idea is that such an individual would be able to actively participate in all areas of the business.

Mahima Kaul was appointed as Twitter’s Public Policy Head for India, this year. Her extensive research and writing experience for different platforms on internet governance, information and communications technology, cyber security, digital inclusion, and internet freedom was instrumental to the move.

From across the seven seas :
6Executives are now sought out from across the globe, with Indian startups being on the lookout for decision makers from colossal multi-national companies. Although this sounds strange, most firms now focus on bringing diversity in both ideas and ethics to the work table.

Durgesh Kaushik’s appointment as Edureka, a Bengaluru-based online technical education services provider’s Chief Marketing Officer, is a primary example. His success with several advertiser acquisition campaigns at Facebook, his former employer, was one of the biggest reasons behind this appointment.

With so many radical changes, the face of the executive recruitment industry is, for the most part, now unrecognizable. If there’s something that you think was just as instrumental in this revolution, pen it down in our comments section below.

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    Great Insights! The fact that tools like job boards, HR Software, CRMs, Recruitment software, and social networks spring up every day means that they are already grown with new and more efficient ways to source, assess, hire, and manage talent.

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