Employers Feedback

Employers Feedback

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2) How will you rate the quality of resumes of processed against open position(s) ?
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3) Are you satisfied with our current “Number of resumes sourced for each Opening” ratio ?
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4) Keeping the Quality bar intact, how many “Resumes/ per Position”, do you expect from your staffing Solution Partner ?

5) How will you rate processed candidates on technical skills required for open position(s) ?
 Excellent Very good Average Bad Very bad

6) How will you rate processed candidates on interpersonal and communication skills ?
 Excellent Very good Average Bad Very bad

7) Are you satisfied with the scheduling of sub-processes (viz: Tel. Interview, F2F Interview) during entire recruitment process ?
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8) On a 10 pointer Scale, how will you rate our representative communicating to you ?
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9) What feedback would you like to give us? OR How did you Find Zyoin's service for your assignment ?
 Compliment for service and Concerned staff Suggestion to improve our service Complaint about our staff and service

10) How do you feel Zyoin is adding Value or better than other Vendors who are supporting you in the process? (If you need more space, feel free to attach extra information to this form.)

11) Would you prefer / like to come back to Zyoin for fulfilling you future hiring & recruitment needs ?
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