Candidate Feedback

Candidates Feedback

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2) From where you got to know about Zyoin ?
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3) Was this the first time you took assistance of any recruiting firm ?
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4) During Entire Process, were you updated regularly about your candidature/Application status ?
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5) Have your all queries been answered properly by the recruiter you were interacting with ?
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6) During the process which other Recruitment & Consulting company has approached you for similar/same position & where did you find Zyoin different from other them ?

7) As far as getting mails/Calls or any other communication for that matter, what all improvements would you wish to see from Zyoin Team ?

8) On a 10-pointer scale, where will you rate our recruiter with whom you were interacting to ?
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9) How will you rate the over-all assistance of Zyoin in your Job Switching process ?
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10) Would you prefer / like coming-back to Zyoin again for future Job-switching or any other Career related Consulting ?
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11) Will you refer Zyoin among your peer group ?
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